Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Exotic Escape...Mauritius Fun 1

There really isn't anything better for me then a island get-away. Just my husband and I is number one as we finally get time to talk and catch up from the past year or two. My three year old and eight year old do not like us communicating..they tend to dominate every discussion, so it is generally over email that we get to do the most chatting...which is how your little escape happened...
All I knew is that since my husband work is more seasonal, being Summer, we needed to escape and to escape quickly....it actually all happened before we knew what was going on, we were booked and ready to escape to the beautiful Mauritius. We have been to Bali (surfing holiday), Maldives (work perk), Zanzibar (exotic escape when we had 1 little person), so we know islands and we love them.

Off we departed very early in the morning and the adventure began....now all those with children will know that you often need a break from your children, however, once you are away, you miss them like you cannot believe and then everything you see, you realise they would love...so it is very difficult separating from your everyday lives.

Getting out of that breakfast, school, lunch, homework, dinner, bed routine is magical, heavenly in fact and makes one feel so free...
We agreed that Mauritius is a mini Bali with less waves, but the weather was warm and humid, the sea was warm and inviting, the people were lovely and friendly and mix of majority Hindu, Muslim and Christian, such a lovely peaceful mix and such kind lovely local people...

The sensory overload was incredible; the smells, colours, foods and energy are what gives you that beautiful holiday feeling and slowly as you get into the vibe and relax more and more, you feel it deep in your bones...seven nights was definitely not enough, but hey we were blessed enough to escape in the first place and next time we'll escape with the little peeps as well. So as not to overload you, the Mauritius experience will be in a few parts.......
The lush plants, the shades of the ocean & that lovely tropical feel

Our closest village was Flacq & we had the opportunity to visit this lovely little town on market day by bus..
It was such fun & a truly great experience.
It was true sensory overload with the freshest ingredients, the most vibrant colours

The serene environment with loads of greenery and beauty, with crazy buses driving up & down..

The obligatory cocktails, at least one a day & so delish.. with my divine man...18 years together..

Our beautiful lush surrounds..so calm and peaceful
3 books in 7 days....glorious & one fantastic tan...
responsibly of course....

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